vrijdag 6 december 2013

Noakchott troubles

I'm almost a week here now in Noakchott, the capital of Mauritania. I arrived here together with Mike on a tenere and Esteban on a KTM 640. When we saw the oil of the KTM was milky coloured, we changed the oil. But to our horror the complete engine was filled with an oil/water kind of mayonaise. The starter motor, clutch, oil filters, all clogged up, we were surprised it even made it to here. For 3 days we tried to get to a solution, even trying to fix it ourselves, but finally Esteban had to realise to his dream to do this trip on this bike, was gone.
He now has a couple of options, like shipping the bike, then flying back to Spain and start again on his BMW, but it was hard to see a man's life long dream go to pieces.
Yesterday Abdul, a Soudanese/Brittish guy on a fazer6 roadbike arrived, and in a few days we'll be heading for Mali. It will be sad to leave a friend behind with a broken bike.
Abdul, on his way to Soudan, crossing Niger and Tchad
And before anyone askes, the dog is still doing fine. For doggy pictures, they made an interesting forum, it's called facebook, I think.

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