zaterdag 21 september 2013

Converting the van

Here's a report of the conversion of my '96 transporter van into a camper. My main concern was to keep a low profile, so I could just park up anywhere and spend the night inside unnoticed. Also I'm going to cross some area's where you definitely would want to be as stealth as possible as there have been some kidnappings in the past by AQMI (the West African branch of Al-Qaida)or MUJWA, in fact the last known kidnapping in the Sahara was in Diema, Mali, where an elderly guy in a motorhome was taken in broad daylight.
That was in november 2012, and he's still held captive in the Sahara along with about 8 other

Reason enough to not be noticed as a tourist at first glance, so no roof rack, sand plates, extra tyres or bicycle on the exterior, no high suspension and snorkel and definitely no stickers. I took a bit of a risk buying an old builders van, but this one caught my eye and seemed to suit my needs.

 It's a syncro, which means it's a 4x4 with a rear diff lock but no low gears and no raised suspension, so off road ability is pretty low. I paid 1400 euro's, but after fixing it up and getting it road legal it's closer to 3000 euro's by now, but that includes the interior, which I'm very pleased with.
As a picture paints a thousand words, let me just show you:
I drove to the seller with my bike, put the bike in the van and drove home, pretty happy that the big motorbike just fitted in.
Yes, there's some work to be done

So as you can see it was a bit of a challenge, first I replaced the 2 front wheel bearings and got it to a garage to get it MOT'ed. That took them about a week and 2 tries while they welded a small hole on the underside. After that it was up to me to get going on the interior, and although my first plan was to keep it very simple, things got out of hand, and I may have overdone it a bit.
Stripped out half of the shelves
When I started poking around with a screwdiver, I discovered a hole. But luckily I have some welder friends.
I made myself a bed frame after watching a you tube movie on how to do it! Yes you tube rules, just type how to+... and it will show you how to do things!
Changed the timing and alternator belt

So now it's looks nice and tidy and ready to go...

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